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International VoIP DID Numbering Services

Inbound DID numbering for Providers of Internet Telephony Services, VoIP Operators, Wireless Operators, Calling Card Services, Local Exchange Carriers, and Communications Entrepreneurs.

We provide worldwide virtual DID numbers with flexible routing & capacity options. No setup fees. Un-metered (Unlimited) incoming Calls with SIP protocol. We provide high quality inbound voice with the largest international coverage of virtual numbers. With a global presence supplying Multi Channel DID from 65 countries and thousands of local area codes.

Our service provides DID numbers at low monthly costs with flexible channel and routing options. We have no minimum commitment requirements. This service has been designed to provide DID at wholesale pricing for any business capable of accepting IP peered calls. Our tiered pricing plans offer wholesale savings for volume customers and DID resellers.

Using a DID number allows customers to extend the international reach of their telephone networks rapidly and with limited costs. Calls to these telephone numbers are converted from PSTN to VoIP/FoIP and are peered to the user PBX system anywhere in the world with SIP protocols.

We support G711a, G711u, G729, GSM, and G723 codecs, RFC2833 DTMF signalling, and caller CLI.

These services are available to VoIP carriers and business customers, and also via our retail website.

No DID Set Up Charges – No Minimum Spend Commitment – No Call Charges – Unlimited Calls